New!!! Pina Colada mask, Chocolate Truffle Buttercreme, and gift sets/samplers!

I am so excited, there are two new products and three gift sets/samplers!

New mask!

I created Pina Colada mask last year for a clay product swap I participated in. I loved this mask so much I decided to make it an Earth Alkemie product! Yay! 🙂 This mask is clay based (a blend of three wonderful clays) but it is non-drying since it contains rich, emollient coconut milk and hydrating, skin softening fruits. This tantalizing mask mildly exfoliates the skin, and leaves it super soft and glowing. Pina colada mask contains bromelain (naturally found in pineapple), which is known for dissolving dead skin cells. It is also a rich source of natural fruit acids (in the fruits. There are NO lab derived/concentrated exfoliants in this mask), and also glycolic acid (also not lab derived), so though it exfoliates in several different ways, it is super gentle and suitable for most skin types, including sensitive and blemished. It is 100% natural, preservative free (it is a dry/powdered mask), and vegetarian (this is not a vegan product due to the casein (milk protein) in the coconut milk powder). This mask smells so delicious: mostly of limes, and when you add a liquid, it smells lightly of coconut and pineapple (and the most sensitive of noses can probably smell the cherry too). I call it Pina colada mask since it has many of the ingredients in virgin pina coladas. Pure yumminess for the skin!

New Buttercreme!

I love east shea butter! Shea butter is my favorite butter for the skin, since it was one of the ingredients which helped clear my facial skin when I had acne many years ago. Shea butter is fantastic because it creates a light breathable barrier on the skin, so is a boon for dehydrated skin. East shea butter is higher in olein so is creamier than unrefined west shea butter (which is very creamy too, but east shea is even creamier!), so it is easier to spread and is wonderful for the eye area, body (for all skin types, especially dry and dehydrated), and also facial skin (depending on skin type).

Chocolate Truffle Buttercreme is one luscious buttercreme. Like all of my other (current) buttercremes, it is made with east shea butter. This simple formulation is amazing, it is rich in antioxidants, help improve skin clarity and improves the appearance of aging skin. And best of all, it smells delicious! I have blended rich delectable cocoa absolute, sweet vanilla, citrusy-floral petitgrain Bigarade (from the orange tree), floral lavender, and a kiss of spicy cardamon. Yum, pure bliss!

For these two products I have redone the webpages. I still need to add the pictures for the buttercremes, but have revamped the info on both pages, adding much more information about the ingredients, products, and also scents. Please let me know how you like all of the new changes on the website. 🙂

Last but not least, I have also put together three samplers and gift sets! The first is a petite masks and scrub sampler which contains petite (sample) sizes of all three masks/scrub (Cinderella, Morning, and Pina Colada)! This is a great way to try all three of my masks and scrub at one low price (the sampler is priced at 15% off of regular prices). I have packaged it in a beautiful organza bag. Take this with you when traveling!

The second set I have put together is a gift set containing grande (full) sizes of all of my masks and scrub (Cinderella, Morning, and Pina Colada), in my grande masks and scrub gift set. If you like the masks and scrub, this gift set is for you! Pure luxury! The masks/scrub will last you a very long time (Earth Alkemie’s masks and scrub are powdered/dry, and are extremely concentrated products since they do not contain water or fillers. Each jar is enough for several months of usage). This gift set is also at an amazing price: 15% off of regular prices.

The last gift set is a chocolate lovers dream! I have packaged grande (full) sizes of my Chocolate Dreams and Chocolate Truffle Buttercreme into my Double Chocolate Gift Set. Chocolate Dreams is made with certified organic cold pressed unrefined coconut oil, and Chocolate Truffle Buttercreme is made with east shea butter, which in my opinion, are two of the best ingredients you can use on dry winter skin. They leave your skin feeling so soft and lightly scented. Just perfect, especially with Valentines Day coming around the corner! This gift set is also 15% off of the regular prices.

More products coming soon within the next few weeks (aromatherapy soaps are up next to be released, and also lots of new mineral makeup colors, and I am also working on a new perfume for Chinese New Years!).

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Li is a long time environmentalist and the owner of Earth Alkemie, an all natural skin care and mineral makeup company.