Tropical Dreams, Paradise perfume, and Morning mask and scrub

Here are the rest of the descriptions for my current sale items (the items are only onsale until the end of today, black friday! A new sale will be put on the website sometime on Saturday). I will keep this post up after the sale ends, for information purposes. 🙂

Earth Alkemie's Paradise perfume: Floral ylang ylang, sultry organic vanilla, deep vertivert, crisp greens, spicy ginger, and sunny organic citrus.

Paradise eau de parfum. This perfume took me a while to craft: most perfumes take months to develop (because of the way perfumes are made). But this one took me a little while longer than usual to create. I remember when I was crafting it, it was very hard to balance the proportions of the top, middle, and bottom notes. And then once I got them right, I loved it however I could not put my finger on it but I thought that there was just something still missing. Out of a whim I added my perfume blend to the organic vanilla bean infused oil I had been infusing for a few weeks. I let it age for a bit and it was absolutely perfect!

I make my perfumes at the eau de parfum concentration (so the essential oil concentration is MUCH greater than the concentration for skin care). All natural aromatherapy based perfumes are different than commercial perfumes; commercial perfumes are made with mostly synthetic ingredients and either no to only a VERY small amount of natural ingredients (less than 5% of the total fragrance blend; which does not include the base. So the amounts of real, more expensive naturals is very low in commercial perfumes). In Paradise and all of my perfumes I have used only natural ingredients. They are more delicate than commercial perfumes, and the different notes are generally more volatile than synthetics.

Paradise is both light but heady. Sweet and innocent but sultry. It has strong sparkly citrus and a bit of spice, fresh green notes, and deep earthy notes. Sinful vanilla is its base. I named it Paradise because its heart note, ylang ylang, is a tropical flower (I love ylang ylang, it is heady, sultry and sweet at the same time). Also when I smell this perfume, it whisks me away to a tropical paradise!

Paradise perfume is 20% off, until the end of today.

Morning mask and scrub: made with certified organic adzuki beans for vibrant skin!

Morning mask and scrub is a lovely mild scrub that doubles as a mask. It is a nutrient rich plant based scrub, and like all Earth Alkemie products, it is 100% natural! It is made with vitamin rich certified organic adzuki (a traditional Japanese favorite for clear, soft, blemish free skin), skin soothing and softening certified organic oatmeal, and certified organic sugar (a natural source of glycolic acid). These ingredients gently exfoliate the skin, leaving it super soft and vibrant. One reason I don’t like some types of manual exfoliants or lab derived glycolic acid is because they are often too harsh for many people’s skin (some manual exfoliants are too scratchy and may damage the skin with their sharp edges, and lab derived acids are very concentrated. Personally most lab derived acids are too irritating to use on my own skin since they are very strong). But the exfoliants in Morning mask and scrub are super mild, suitable for even the most sensitive skin (the manual exfoliants are not scratchy at all, and some of the most gentle natural exfoliants available. And the amounts of glycolic acid found naturally in the sugar, is super mild). This mask also contains many antioxidant and nutrient rich ingredients, great for use on blemished skin, such as certified organic carrot and barley, and dates! Morning is scented with bright sweet orange, rich patchouli, smooth vanilla, and floral lavender.

I love this scrub, it makes my skin so soft and whenever I use it my skin just glows. I named it Morning because it contains many yummy nutrient rich ingredients that people eat for breakfast like oatmeal, barley, oranges, and maple syrup. 20% off of Morning mask and scrub until tonight, 11:59 pm EST).

Tropical Dreams: made with certified organic cold pressed, unrefined virgin coconut oil! 100% all natural!

Tropical Dreams is one of my best selling products. It is also one of my most simplest formulations: it is nothing but dreamy, creamy, certified organic cold pressed virgin unrefined coconut oil, and a blend of delicious smelling essential oils. Since the coconut oil is cold pressed virgin unrefined (none of that solvent extracted, highly refined stuff here!) it smells of rich coconuts. Tropical Dreams is made with exotic ylang ylang, fresh bergamot, and deep vertivert. But the best part is what it can do for your skin and hair! One reason I love this product is that it has multiple uses! Use it as a spot treatment for blemishes, apply it to damp skin to moisturize the body, or use it on the hair as a deep hair treatment! A few people love using it on their facial skin too (apply only a tiny amount to damp skin). This is my mom’s favorite product!

Tropical Dreams is also 20% off, until tonight

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