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It is with great pleasure that I announce my newest endeavor: I am now the all natural beauty (anb) Eco Living and DIY Natural Beauty Formulating Expert.

I have been involved with all three of the all natural beauty websites (all natural beauty website, the anb portal, and also the anb mall) for many years. Years before I started my business, I contributed articles and recipes to the anb website and anb portal, and hung out at the anb forum. I really love the anb websites, and not just because they are owned and run by my friend, Sharon H., but because all three websites are so informative, and have experts from many fields (aromatherapy, herbalism, natural skin care experts, natural skin care vendors, and diy enthusiasts too!). Some of the best in the field have contributed to the websites over the years, including herbal and aromatherapy pioneer, natural skin care formulator, and perfumer Jeanne Rose; aromatherapist, natural perfumer, and skin care specialist Alexandra Avery; and mineral makeup formulator Deb Bilezikian (owner of Monave, a mineral makeup company). In addition to recipes and recommended vendors, there are numerous natural beauty articles on many different topics. I have learned a lot from the websites, and since Sharon is my friend, I was always happy to give a little back and share my experiences and knowledge.

In fall 2008, when the anb mall was created, I became the Eco Living writer there, and have written articles on a wide range of topics from DIY formulating, conservation related topics, simple tips to live a greener lifestyle, food recipes, green house cleaning, and more: basically anything environmental or nature related under the sun!

And when I opened my business, I am proud to say that Earth Alkemie has become an anb partner to all three websites. Sharon has very high standards on who she accepts as an anb partner. For the anb mall, all of the vendors there range from natural based (which is mostly natural) to all natural. But the vendors on the all natural beauty website, and anb portal make only all natural products (you will not find more natural lines than the vendors on those websites). I am very picky (in other words: anal 🙂 ) in what ingredients I use in my line, and I am glad that Earth Alkemie has met Sharon’s super high standards!

I am honored to accept this position. I have answered two questions so far: one on more natural thickeners and emulsifiers in cream making and also oils and rancidity on the skin. The other is one making herb infused oils and herb infused witch hazel. So if you have a question, please feel free to ask (click on this link and ask me using the link on anb portal)! And as a bonus, by asking me or any of the other experts (Rose, Avery, and Bilezikian are some of the experts. I am in VERY good company!) you will be entered in anb’s monthly giveaway for FREE products.

Earth Alkemie news:

Keep an eye out for June! Lots of Earth Alkemie activity in the works!

I am not sure the exact day I will reopen yet, but I will be reopening sometimes towards the end of this month or June, if all goes well (depending on my health and my dad’s at that time). I am very anxious to reopen since I’ve been closed for so long, but I still have much work to do! Keep checking this blog (or Earth Alkemie’s forum or Earth Alkemie’s facebook) for news on when that will be!

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Li is a long time environmentalist and the owner of Earth Alkemie, an all natural skin care and mineral makeup company.