All Natural Beauty Summer Sampler and FREE products Giveaway

As many customers know, Earth Alkemie is a partner to the all three of the all natural beauty (anb) websites (meaning that Earth Alkemie’s products have passed the anb websites strict all natural criteria, and is one of the vendors featured on their websites. I am also the Eco Living writer on their anb mall website, and I am the Eco Living and DIY Natural Beauty Formulating Expert on their all natural beauty website and the anb portal!).

All Natural Beauty Summer Sizzler Sampler:

I am happy to announce the anb’s summer sizzler sampler. It features products from a number of anb vendors, including Earth Alkemie! For this sampler, I have donated sample (0.4 oz) sizes of one of my newest products, Sundae mask and scrub. Sundae was a product that I introduced right before I closed so only some of my customers have tried this delectable mask and scrub. I call it Sundae because it is my chocolate based mask–it has certified organic cocoa, certified organic strawberries and cherries and bananas, almonds, coconut, and vanilla in it: all the makings of a delicious sundae! It also contains blue clay, which is one of my most favorite clays.

This mask helps draws impurities from the skin, and leaves the skin super soft and feeling silky. It also mildly exfoliates using natural grains, nuts, beans, and fruits (so it exfoliates both manually from the small particles, and also from the natural acids in the fruits). And the scent: dark chocolate and vanilla, with hints of lemon and the natural light scent of the added fruit. The scent is 100% natural: no synthetic fragrances added! Most chocolate scents on the market are synthetic (because real cocoa absolute is expensive). For Sundae, I use a combo of organic (the beans were grown without synthetics, but not certified) cocoa absolute and certified organic cocoa powder to create double chocolate bliss!

And to make it even better, I have included a VERY nice coupon too! This sampler contains so many products at a really amazing price! Though the samplers just became available a week and a half ago, Sharon (anb’s owner) posted on facebook that half of them are already gone, so if you are interested in getting a sampler, I highly recommend ordering one soon!

(P.S. If you still have the coupon from the previous sampler, then when Earth Alkemie reopens, I will still honor that coupon for 2 months when I reopen. I haven’t reopened my store just yet though, but just letting everyone know about that in advance!).

All Natural Beauty June Anniversary Giveaway:

The anb websites are having a wonderful June giveaway since it is their nine year anniversary! (Congrats Sharon!) So to celebrate it, there are a lot of FREE product giveaways. I have submitted an Earth Alkemie product for the giveaway. One of lucky winners will receive Alata Samina African Black Soap which is my most popular African black soap, and one of my best selling products. I love this soap! I use it to cleanse my face, body, and my hair! It is my personal favorite African black soap out of all the soaps I carry (though I like them all!). It creates a creamy, rich, gentle lather that cleanses without over drying the skin, and is suitable for all skin types, including extremely dry and dehydrated skin. Like all African black soaps, I highly recommend this soap for blemished skin types. When used as a shampoo, hair is left soft, bouncy, and shiny! One of my most favorite shampoos too. 🙂

There will be a total of ten anb winners (not all of them will receive soap, my soap is part of the grand prize along with many other excellent natural products from other vendors). Check out their website for how to win. Just want to mention to enter these contests, you don’t need to enter any personal information, you are not signing up for anything, and you don’t need to buy anything to enter. All you have to do either comment on their facebook or ask one of the beauty experts–like me!–questions.

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Li is a long time environmentalist and the owner of Earth Alkemie, an all natural skin care and mineral makeup company.