Eco Living: Deep Conditioning Hot Oil Hair Treatment

I have a lot of articles I need to post about. The first one is for my eco living article on natural hair care.

Every week I try to do at least one deep conditioning hair treatment. I love using many different ingredients and complex formulations, but sometimes simple is best! So for my recent eco living article, I shared my recipe for a simple hot oil hair treatment!

In my article, I listed a few easy to find carrier oils and essential oils. I mentioned organic, cold pressed, unrefined coconut oil, which is one of my favorites, and which is the main ingredient in Tropical Dreams (here is an old blog entry on Tropical Dreams and other products. Ignore the info about the sale, which is long over). Tropical Dreams is my version of a classic hair treatment called macassar oil. (Side note: The best thing about Tropical Dreams is it has so many uses: hair oil, body oil, blemish treatment, and some people–including my mom–love using it as their facial oil! I love natural ingredients because they have multiple uses, and when I formulated Tropical Dreams, I formulated it for all those issues and conditions, so it is effective as a hair conditioner, softens the skin, and contains amazing ingredients to use on blemished skin. When I reopen–hopefully, very soon–Tropical Dreams will definitely be back as well!).

Out of the carrier oils and essential oils listed in my article, argan carrier oil and carrot seed essential oil may be the hardest to find, and are moderately priced (meaning they can be expensive, but they are not the priciest ingredients out there). Carrot seed oil is also available as a carrier oil too (as an infused oil, and also a pressed oil from the seeds). The carrier oil would be great in hair treatments too, if you can’t find the essential oil.

I listed lemon essential oil for oily hair, but some people with dry hair love citrus essential oils (lemon can reduce sebum levels in some people, but not all people). One of my favorite hair care scents that I did not list was jasmine absolute. I love jasmine absolute but it is an extremely expensive ingredient, so I didn’t include it in my eco living article (excellent quality jasmine absolute is usually $100-300 for a single ounce. Though many places sell jasmine absolute in very small amounts like a couple ml, or jasmine absolute pre-diluted in a carrier oil). I try to only list easy to find (usually local, or sometimes popular ingredients such as argan oil), inexpensive to moderately priced ingredients in my eco living articles.

(When Earth Alkemie reopens, I will be carrying more raw ingredients. If there is a raw ingredient you’d like, that you don’t see on the website, let me know. I may have some in stock, or can obtain it).

For more information on my article and other deep conditioning treatments, check out Solarkat’s Eco blog (my personal, non-business eco blog).

Note: The next eco living article will be posted later this week, so stay tuned for that one soon!

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