Feb 8th Cart and shipping update and also sale extended

I’ve tweaked the shopping cart again. I’ve added shipped weights to the description (which is the product weight plus the container weight). So far the cart has only underestimated shipping for one person (usually it tends to overestimate it). Hope the shipped weights help!

I am not sure if the post office is even open. I didn’t get any mail today and my brother (who also lives in the next county over) says that the roads are really bad. We spent the day digging up my car and the rest of the driveway (been digging a bit here and there since saturday and finally finished today).

Packages from last week are ready to ship, but I am not sure if I can get to the post office tomorrow morning, since the roads are still bad and we are supposed to get a lot more snow on tuesday (please see the Washington Post’s article ) 🙁 This afternoon, the local news was saying 5-10 inches, looks like they just bumped up their estimate to 16 inches.

I am afraid that if I print out labels online and schedule pick up for tuesday (pick ups need to be scheduled by 2 am in the morning), they won’t be picked up or that the post office may be closed again (and then the labels would be paid for but would not be able to use them since they need to be shipped on the date specified on the label). So I am going to wait until tomorrow morning, call the post office then to see if they are open, and if they are I will print out the labels then, and and try to drive there if I can before the new storm hits.

I will refund any discounts and shipping through paypal, once I ship.

I am so sorry but I may be taking up to the seven business days stated in my policies section to ship last week’s orders instead of shipping faster like I had hoped to 🙁 (all products are ready and done, so if it hadn’t snowed I would have gotten all packages out within a day or two. I only got a few out within a day (friday late morning/early afternoon) but I am not even sure they left my post office over the weekend since it was snowing all day friday and saturday, and my post office closed early on friday and were not open on saturday because of the storm). (I state seven days in my policies in case i need to craft new products, and also if my health is flaring up, or for emergencies like the recent snow storms, but if the products are made up, I will ship much faster, within 2-3 days).

Because of the weather (and since I was going to have a valentines day and Chinese New Years sale anyways) I have decided to extend my sale until 11:59 pm February 14th 🙂

Enter code ‘Earth’ (without the quotes) in the coupon code box during checkout to get 15% off of products (shipping is not discounted). Also all orders will also receive free surprises! See first blog post for more details 🙂

Take care!

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Li is a long time environmentalist and the owner of Earth Alkemie, an all natural skin care and mineral makeup company.