Feb 10 shipping update, road conditions, crafting, perfumes, etc.

Yesterday I shipped a lot of boxes out (most of them from last week except for a couple), and I will be doing the refunds (discounts and some for shipping) for those today.

The roads were pretty bad, especially around the neighborhoods (since many of the neighborhoods were only plowed once early on so have a lot of icy snow on them). Though it was kind of scary driving in the neighborhoods, for the most part I had no major trouble driving until I got home: as I was making the turn to get into my neighborhood, my car slipped a little bit 🙁 but luckily the breaks worked. Also I got stuck trying to drive up my driveway. The snow started late in the day: at first it was mixed with rain so I was hoping that the forecasters were wrong but then it began to snow heavily as I drove home from the post office. Though it started late, the forecasters are still calling for a lot of snow: 12 inches. I just looked out the window, there are several inches of new snow on the ground.

I will not be shipping today (since I am afraid to drive in this snow again and didn’t schedule a pick up last night since I wasn’t sure if the post office would be delivering or picking up because of the snow) but I will try shipping tomorrow (I will call the post office today to see if they are open and will be picking up tomorrow). If not I will definitely ship on friday.

I will work on packing the orders I got over the weekend today, and will also try to craft some new products today 🙂 which will be released soon (formulation/testing for those products are totally done, just need to craft them, package it, create the labels, edit the product info on the website for that–the ingredients, directions, faq sections, etc). Many products I need to add to the website, and also some limited edition ones too (such as elixirs, toners, perfumes, dreams, soaps, cleansers, and mineral makeup multipurpose powders). I will be adding them over the coming weeks.

I am sad 🙁 because the absolutes for a special limited edition perfume I was going to offer for the start of Chinese New Years (which this year starts on Valentines’ Day; it will be the start of the Year of the Tiger) have not arrived yet, and since essential oils/absolutes have to age/merge/blend together for a while, I won’t be able to release it by then. It is a lovely blend made with violet leaf absolute (violets are one of the flowers associated with the Year of the Tiger 🙂 ). I will release it this month though.

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Li is a long time environmentalist and the owner of Earth Alkemie, an all natural skin care and mineral makeup company.