New larger perfume vials (petite size)

The petite (sample size) perfumes are now being packaged in new perfume vials. The new perfume vials are larger than the old ones. I decided to switch them because the old ones were really difficult for me to close (doing one is okay, but doing dozens at a time was not easy). My new vendor had either a smaller vial or the bigger one so I went with the bigger one. 🙂 They are still clear perfume vials but they have black caps (they look very nice!). I’ve adjusted the price accordingly (since they hold more).

Here is a picture of the old ones versus the new ones.

Perfume vials old and new
Old perfume vial on the left. New perfume vial on the right

Though I usually try to give notice before any changes, I am sorry that I wasn’t able to give notice before switching them this time (I needed to package Paradise and another perfume, and I didn’t have enough old vials left, so I just went ahead and used the new ones).

Also new sizes of products, and new products coming VERY soon! Yay!

New toner bottle choices and prices have been updated

Hi everyone

Thanks to all that voted in the poll or that emailed me 🙂

I have just adjusted the new bottle choices and also new prices on the toner page. I originally was going to change it on March 10th but I left the current prices up for an extra four days or so. Everyone that ordered toners before the change, will get a glass mister with their order at the old price.

The toners are now being packaged (and shipped) in plastic (PET #1) recyclable bottles. But customers can choose between a plastic bottle only option, or they can choose to purchase a glass mister with their toner (the toner will still be shipped in plastic).

Eco tips: recycle the plastic bottle after use. Reuse (Clean/sterile before reusing) the glass mister or recycle the glass part of the mister. Thank you 🙂


First mini-contest game is up 03-12-10

Edited: Mini game is OVER! Congrats to the winners! 🙂

Hi everyone

Throughout the next few weeks I will be having a few mini-contest/games posted on the forum (they will be posted randomly) so head to the forum to play. I will try to post about them here too, but since they are games they may be answered fast so keep checking the forum!

Please note, you have to be a member of the delphi forums (have a delphi account) to post on the forum, and not just be logged in as a guest.

I will edit this blog entry again when someone wins/answers right.


New Drawing March 10th to March 19th

Hi everyone

New drawing: every order placed from now (March 10th) until March 19, 2010 11:59 pm EST will be entered in our drawing for an organic elixir. This elixir is made with 80% certified organic ingredients, but it is actually more organic than that since in addition to 80% of the ingredients being certified organic, I also used non-certified organic ingredients in it too. A couple of the ingredients are ethically wild harvested too. Like my other skin care products, it is 100% natural. Made for all skin types (except the very dry) but I think it would benefit oily skin, normal, or combination skin the best, but mildly dry and dehydrated skin will love it too. My skin is normal/balanced but can get dehydrated and dry, and my skin loves this! It contains certified organic hemp, antioxidant, nutrient rich watermelon seed oil, and many other lovely carrier oils. This one is scented with distilled lime (which is NOT phototoxic), exotic sensual ylang ylang, and other balancing essential oils. It is a facial elixir.

Like the last drawing I have two of them, so there will be two winners. Each winner will get one of these lovely elixirs. They are grande (full) sized and are 1 oz in amber orifice reducer bottles (like the bottles I used for the Hope Body Oil).

Good luck to all! I’ve already sent the two elixirs for the last drawing out, so I hope BM and CR love them!


My newest eco living article

My new eco living article on anb (all natural beauty) mall’s site is a recipe for an organic apple mask! Apples are great in skin care since they mildly exfoliate (they contain malic acid) and also soften the skin, and have so many vitamins/nutrients in them! I hope you love the recipe!


New bottles, toner prices, please take the poll on the toners on the forum

I posted this on the forum too. Please take the poll on the forum (since I disabled comments on the blog due to spam)

My new bottles finally arrived (for the toners and other products. I ordered bottles from a few different companies. Though I got my glass misters earlier in the week, the bottles/jars from the west cost–which included the plastic toner bottles and also blue glass jars for the dreams–arrived thursday night). The ones for the toners will be switched immediately, and the other ones will be switched over time. Most of my products will eventually be switched to blue glass (except for the mmu and the toners when shipped, and maybe a few jars) but I still have a lot of the other bottles and jars left (amber, green, clear). I may just save those other bottles for limited edition products, or keep using them until they are gone (though the xiao sized amber toner misters will never be used to package my products again; I’ll just use those for personal usage).

Though blue glass is more expensive than amber or clear glass, most of the prices will remain the same, I am absorbing the costs on most products. I also forgot to add several costs when figuring product costs (like paypal fees, basic bacterial/fungi tests–I test every batch of skin care I make–, labels, shrink wrap, didn’t add enough to cover boxes for first class shipping, etc), I am absorbing most of those costs too for the current products (since I think that it’ll eventually balance out when other costs I did incorporate, such as insurance and web fees, are eventually paid off for the year; though that won’t be for a while since those cost a lot).

However for some products, like the toners, I am very sorry but I am afraid that I won’t be able to absorb all the costs, and may have to raise the price a little. If it was only the above costs (the higher cost of the blue glass and the costs I forgot), then I would absorb them (since I really, really did not want to change prices after only being in business for such a short time. I just don’t think it is fair to my customers). But for the toners, I am going to package them in PET plastic bottles but would like to offer the blue glass misters for them too (so the higher cost of the blue glass mister plus the cost of the plastic bottle), and also there have been price increases in two ingredients* (see note below for more on ingredient costs). I do not think I can absorb the costs I forgot, the higher cost of the blue glass AND also the cost of the plastic bottle and the increase in ingredient costs.

I have thought a lot about the solution: whether to only offer them in plastic bottles (so I probably wouldn’t have to increase the cost at all since plastic cost less than glass, and the money I saved from offering plastic could cover the increase of costs of the ingredients) or to offer the blue glass misters with the plastic bottle (which would definitely result in a price increase of 50 cents to 70 cents for the two sizes). I could do one or the other, or offer both options; I am leaning toward one particular option 😉 but I would very much like to hear which option my customers would prefer.

Here are the poll questions. Please take the poll on the forum. Thank you!

1) Would you prefer the toners only be packaged in plastic and pay about the same price as now (so NO glass mister). Please state why.

2) Or would you prefer the toners be packaged in plastic and that they come with a blue glass mister? (note: this option would have a price increase of about 50-70 cents depending on the size ordered). Please state why.

3) Or would you like both options available? Please state why.

Thank you for your time and for answering! 🙂 Current pricing will remain in effect until I change it (March 10th) so anyone that orders now will get both the plastic bottle and blue glass misters at the current price.

(*notes on ingredients: my vendor for ylang ylang hydrosol stopped carrying it so now I am trying to source more, but the couple other places I’ve found are more expensive and are either retail companies, or have a high minimum to get the wholesale price and high shipping cost (so even if I buy enough to get the wholesale price, the shipping costs are very high so it may be better to get it from the retail company which has cheaper shipping). In addition, my vendor for lavender hydrosol stopped carrying it too; lavender is one of the most common hydrosols so very easy to source but they had a very good quality lavender at a great price, and once I run out of lavender hydrosol, it’s going to cost much more from other vendors.

I am still buying in very small amounts so though I buy from some wholesale companies (when I can meet the minimums), several of my vendors are retail vendors or retail companies that sell in bulk. For wholesale, GOOD wholesale prices don’t start until you buy larger amounts–like several gallons of hydrosols, over 40 lbs of oils or butters, and over a kg (so a couple pounds) of essential oils. I buy in small amounts–such as 4 oz to a gallon of oil (depends on which oil), either under 1 oz to up to 4 oz of essential oils, 1 to 5 lbs of butters, hydrosols: mostly just 32 oz to 1/2 gallon though I buy a couple hydrosols by the gallon–so I do not get the good deals as other larger businesses. Some ingredient and business costs: 1 ounce of superior quality organic Turkish damask rose essential oil and 1 oz of superior quality organic Indian jasmine sambac absolute cost me about $500 wholesale. Insurance and web fees cost about $800).


Earth Alkemie drawing winners

Hi everyone

Congrats to B.M. and C.R. for winning the recent drawing! Both of you will receive one of the grande sized 80% certified organic elixirs. I hope you love them! I have emailed the both of you and will send you the elixir!

(I am announcing their names only with their initials to respect their privacy).


Earth Alkemie is an anb (all natural beauty) vendor, and also anb product spotlights

Hi everyone

As many of you know, I have been the Eco Living writer on anb (all natural beauty) mall’s website for about a year and a half now. I also have written some articles or contributed recipes to the other anb websites too over the last few years. With the launch of my business, I have officially become an anb vendor on all three of the anb websites: 1) the all natural beauty website, and 2) the all natural beauty portal, and 3) anb mall. Links to Earth Alkemie are now listed on all three sites. Also many Earth Alkemie specials will be listed on anb mall too (most of the specials will be listed here on my blog and forum too, but there may be an anb mall exclusive special once in a while too 😉 ). Future articles on Earth Alkemie products will also be listed on anb mall too. (And also, I will continue writing new Eco Living articles!)

My friend Sharon is the creative genius behind the anb websites 🙂 I had the pleasure of meeting Sharon in the fall of 2007 when I took an anb sponsored Jeanne Rose aromatherapy class. She is super sweet and very nice! Sharon has a very strict list of criteria on becoming an anb vendor on all of the anb websites. The companies listed on the all natural beauty website and the all natural beauty portal sell only all natural products, and the vendors from the anb mall range from all natural to natural based. I am proud that Earth Alkemie is an anb vendor on all three sites!

One of my multi-purpose mineral makeup colors, Periwinkle (which is safe to use everywhere, except for the lips) was in the Valentine’s Day sampler that is being offered on the anb mall (she still has a couple of these lovely samplers filled with full sizes and samples from many different anb mall vendors; it has over $236 worth of products in it, but it’s only $36). Periwinkle is currently not offered on my site, and was only in the Valentines Say sample (grande/full size) and I also gave away a few petite/sample sizes during the special sales and free gift offers I had in February. Sharon wrote a product spotlight on that, and I forgot to plug about it here, so here is the link to the spotlight for Periwinkle.

Edited again to add: and her samplers are all gone! But she usually does a few samplers a year so I bet another one is coming up soon!

I also sent my friend a bottle of Eden Elixir as a gift since I have been promising to send her something when I was in grad school–so a VERY long time–but health, my thesis, and time got the better of me 🙁 so didn’t send her anything until recently. And she loved it so much she wrote a spotlight on it! (I am blushing now because I was not expecting that! So thank you Sharon! Hugs!). Here is the link to the spotlight on Eden Elixir.

A new Eco Living article will be posted in a couple days (need to finish writing it!). Edited: it’s up!!! 🙂

Edited to add:
Links to my personal favorite delphi forums are in now in a pull down menu on my forum (so the all natural beauty forum, and also garden of wisdom–which is the forum to my friend’s Markey company; I was one of the mods on her forum for over three years. Still post there, just not as much!)


Feb 28th: Last Day for specials, drawing, and Hope.

Today, Feb 28th, is the last day of the current special (free gift with every order), the drawing (winners will be announced soon), and also to buy Hope body oil (to support Haiti. I sold the last one yesterday, but I decided to extend the donation by one day, since I still have a tiny bit of the essential oil blend left, so could make another bottle or two if anyone is interested).