Happy Memorial Day and Eco Living, and Earth Alkemie news

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day. Today is the day we honor those who have passed serving our country, in the line of duty. I hope that on this day of remembrance, everyone is remembering those who have passed, and also spending time with their loved ones too.

I posted about my new article on Earth Alkemie’s face book and also the forum, but didn’t post it here yet.

An Earth Alkemie customer and friend, Barbara (hugs Barbara!) just asked an excellent question on the all natural beauty website (I am the Eco Living and DIY Natural Beauty Formulating Expert for the all natural beauty websites). She asked if tea tree essential oil was effective for tick repellency, and also if it was safe to use on children and pregnancy. I also included information on other essential oils that can be used as repellents, and also some information on usage of herbs on animals.

I used to craft and carry some ‘Outdoor Oils’ made with the mentioned essential oils, as well as many others. I loved them, and used them as body oils year round. I stopped carrying them but if there is interest in bringing them back, I will consider bringing at least one of them back. There were three formulas: Lemongrass Forest, Picnic, and Woodlands. Picnic was the one that I crafted for children over the age of two. Lemongrass Forest was my favorite because although it contains some potent essential oils, it smelled like a simple perfume. It was aromatherapy at its best. And last but not least, there was Woodlands, which contained the most potent blend of essential oils (it smelled very lemony, and was crafted for deep wood usage). The first year I was open I sold them. The second year, I gave them away for free with orders. So if you’ve tried them, let me know if you’d like to see them back again.

I have been working very hard to reopen Earth Alkemie. I still have much to do. Currently I am working on the website and ordering new, fresh supplies of ingredients and containers. Then I have to revamp the labels and make new batches of products (I will be revamping the line and am still deciding which products to carry, and may have to reformulate a couple products too, since a couple ingredients are no longer available or since some ingredients contain gluten). Then I will need to take new pictures and work on the website some more. I hope to complete this within the next few weeks. So no set date yet but I will announce the exact date on this blog, facebook, and the forum when I reopen.

I will start posting my perfume making notes (which I have mentioned previously) on Chen very soon. The first post will be sometime this week (I have written a series of a few posts).

Thank you all for your patience since I have been closed for a long time. Take care!

Edited to add: I forgot to mention some containers, sizes, and prices will be adjusted too.

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Li is a long time environmentalist and the owner of Earth Alkemie, an all natural skin care and mineral makeup company.