First drawing for free elixir! (from Feb 19-28th)

I was recently part of a certified organic product swap. I made two lovely elixirs for that swap, however, a couple people’s boxes were lost in the mail so I got a few of my products back. That was a really wonderful swap and I am still enjoying all the organic products I received.

These are really nice elixirs. The goal of that swap was to craft products that were at least 80% certified organic products. My products were a little over 80% organic, since in addition to using 80% certified organic ingredients, I also used a few organic (non-certified organics) and ethically wild harvested ingredients, in addition to a couple rarer exotic conventional carrier oils and essential oils (that I have not been able to find an organic version yet).

I decided to offer some of the elixirs in a drawing, since I wanted to share them with more people, so made it is part of several surprises, drawings, and contests that I will have over the next few weeks to celebrate my grande opening! These elixirs will probably never be part of the regular Earth Alkemie line since I have many other lovely elixirs in mind 😉 (though maybe one day as a limited edition, but I have so many other products I want to offer as limited edition first so it won’t be for a while!)

The elixirs are in a 1 ounce amber glass bottle with orifice reducer (so not the regular dropper bottles my current Solaris and Luna grande elixirs come in. They are the same bottles that the Hope body oil for Haiti comes in). I have not worked out exactly how much I would price it for, but if I were to price it for sale, it would be somewhere between the price for the Solaris and Luna Elixirs, so I estimate it would probably be in the range of $33-40 per ounce (this is only an estimate, and is much less than what I’ve seen other companies charge for a mostly organic elixir/oil based serum with several really nice, rarer and exotic ingredients).

The first one was an elixir that is geared more for normal to dry skins (however many people with oiler skin will love it too, though not suitable for some people with active acne, though other people with acne may like it). It contains a lot of lush, skin loving ingredients including certified organic sesame oil (which is an oil used a lot in ayurveda), rosehip seed oil (an oil rich in vitamin A and is wonderful for scars and skin clarity), rare abyssinian oil (a lovely oil that I found several months ago that is rich in nutrients and is super light), and other vitamin and antioxidant rich carrier oils. It is scented with many essential oils including rose geranium and rosemary (so is floral, green, and herbaceous; the scent is heavenly!).

I have two of them! So everyone that orders from today Friday Feb. 19, 2010 until Feb 28, 2010 11:59 pm EST will be entered to win one of these elixirs (so there will be two prizes!). I will randomly pick two winners. Winners will be announced on this blog and also my forum, and will be notified through email.

(P.S. People with normal to oily skin, keep checking this blog; hint hint!)

Edited to extend the drawing time and to add a little more information.

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