New bottles for xiao toners and comments shut off

Hi everyone

I am going to switch the bottles for the xiao sized Balance Toner. I had a couple reports that they leaked (thankfully the rest arrived okay. If they didn’t, then PLEASE let me know!). I tried using electric tape in addition to the shrink wrap but that didn’t work either 🙁
I am so sorry for the two people who received leaky bottles 🙁 I was planning on switching the bottles anyways later on (as they are from a different vendor than the one I prefer) but after this second report (which happened after I used electric tape plus shrink wrap) I am switching bottles immediately, I just don’t want to take the chance that other bottles leak, even though most have not leaked. Please note that any order that has Balance xiao sized will ship after I get my new bottles; I should get the bottles sometime next week (I am ordering new bottles tonight, and need to make a new batch and then also test them). A couple people’s orders that were placed before this announcement, I will contact you so we can figure out what to do. I think I may end up shipping future toners in plastic and include a glass mister bottle, or just switch to plastic misters (still need to figure it out). (I usually use glass because some ingredients can eat through plastic and since glass is recyclable, and glass misters are just nice 😉 but hydrosols are packaged and sent to me by my vendors in plastic, so plastic will not affect hydrosols). Sadly I still have a lot of the current spray bottles left, which I will just use for my own use.

I am also sorry but I have shut off the comments on this blog. I have not received any customer comments, but have received about a few dozen spam posts. If there is one thing I hate, it is spam (I do not know how they are finding my business blog, but one spammer (in addition to posting all of his/her links and ads) even said that my posts were popping up a lot; no idea where). I originally left the comments on, so customers could post, but since no customers have been using the comments, and have only been emailing me or posting on the forum, and I am just getting too much spam in the comments, I am shutting off the comments. Customers may always reach me by email or through the forum. Thanks for understanding!

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