Happy New Year and Earth Alkemie’s 1 Year Anniversary, and sale!

Happy Chinese New Year! Xin nian kuai le! Today is the start of the Year Of The Rabbit. 🙂

It is also the one year anniversary for Earth Alkemie (I really can’t believe I’ve been in business for a year already. To me it feels like I only opened my store a couple months ago). I’ve been through thick and thin this past year and I hope that this year Earth Alkemie will be better than ever. I am in the process of revamping Earth Alkemie (how I run and do things) so look forward to all the exciting changes surrounding Earth Alkemie!

I just wanted to give a special thanks to everyone for supporting Earth Alkemie thus far! One thing that has touched me was the support I have received from my customers (many of which I also consider friends).

So to celebrate both Earth Alkemie’s 1 year, and also Chinese New Year, from now (Feb 3rd, 2011) until Feb. 5, 2011 (11:59 pm EST) Earth Alkemie will be having a huge sale. 20% off of everything. (The only other time I have done 20% off of the whole store before was during black friday and cyber monday, so I won’t be having a sale this huge for a long time).

Use coupon code: Rabbit
Please note, only one coupon code can be used at a time. Thanks!

I have temporarily taken the gift sets and samplers off the site during the sale (since they were already discounted 15% off, and when I use coupons with my shopping cart, it discounts everything).
They will be back after the sale. The seasonal outdoor oils are also taken off the site for this reason.

Throughout this month, in addition to the samplers and gift sets, and the current sale, there will be more specials and also contests, so please check this blog, our forum, or our facebook page often!

Products added recently: pina colada mask and also Chocolate Truffle Buttercreme (both of these smell so yummy!)

The snow and weather have been pretty bad so still need to take some new pictures up for the Buttercremes once the weather clears up (Chocolate Truffle Buttercreme is in the same blue glass jars as Vanille Lavande Buttercreme).

Later this month: new products will include more aromatherapy soaps, mineral makeup, my new perfume for Chinese new year/the year of the rabbit (it still needs time to age properly). And other goodies. The African black soaps will soon be offered a bit differently (I will no longer be rebatching them into bars, and will be just cutting them from the blocks they come in. Will post more on this later).

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Li is a long time environmentalist and the owner of Earth Alkemie, an all natural skin care and mineral makeup company.