Vegan makeup brushes and Serenity Terra & Midnight Luna Elixirs

I thought I would post some information about some of the current sale items. Tonight I will discuss the vegan makeup brushes, and also Serenity Terra Elixir and, last but not least, Midnight Luna Elixir. I will post about the other items tomorrow. Though the sale is only for a couple more days (ends the night of black friday!), I hope this post will still be of use after the sale is long over. 🙂

Vegan, sustainable wood makeup brushes!

The vegan makeup brushes I carry are my favorite makeup brushes EVER. I first tried these brushes five or six years ago, when I first began using mineral makeup. I fell in love with these brushes: they are so soft (much softer than brushes made with animal hair), they pick up minerals well (mineral makeup adheres better to synthetic brushes than animal hair), and not only are they VEGAN and cruelty free (they are made with synthetic super soft, luxurious taklon bristles) but the wood handles are made of sustainable woods (birch for the individual brushes, and bamboo for the brush kit). Though I have tried many other brushes since, these brushes still remain my favorites because of their super high quality and durability. So when I started my company, I knew these were the brushes I wanted to offer to my customers! I carry only a small selection of brushes but I offer all the essentials! 🙂

The Eyeshadow Shading Brush is the brush I use the most–its rounded, flattened bristles are perfect for applying, shading, and blending colors together. It is super soft but firm enough for applying most eye looks. If you can only get one brush for the eyes, get this one!

I like using the Angled Eyeshadow Brush to blend and also create sultry, smokey looks. The head of this brush is more dense and thicker than the Eyeshadow Shading Brush, and the bristles are also cut at an angle. This brush is great for softening harsh lines.

The Angled Eye Liner Brush is one amazing brush! The super fine, angled brush head is perfect for creating sharp, crisp, well defined lines. A must have for intense looks!

I absolutely adore the Fiber Optic Whisper Blush Brush; it is a VERY special brush. To my dismay, most fiber optic brush bristles on the market are made with animal hair with synthetic tips. I remember a few years ago, I bought one from a mineral makeup company who claimed that theirs was completely synthetic. As I was washing it (before use) I discovered it was the usual animal/synthetic mix. 🙁 Needless to say (being vegetarian) I was really upset! (A few weeks later they fixed their mistake on their site and then stated that it was mixed animal hair and synthetic). So when I found out that my favorite brush company had made an all synthetic, vegan fiber optic brush, I HAD to try it. It is extremely soft and just applies a super sheer sweep of color across the face. Whether you want a soft natural day look or a dewy, glowy, ethereal look, or an intense look (apply a few thin layers for a more dramatic look) this brush is for you. I am usually not a blush girl, but because of this brush I wear blush more often! Though this is labeled as a brush for blush but I actually love using it to apply foundation too! (I don’t wear foundation much either but when I do, I want a light layer, and this brush is perfect for that).

The Bamboo Seven Piece Makeup Brush Kit is absolutely amazing. I take it with me when I am traveling since it has everything I need. The brushes look smaller than the full size brushes, but the brush heads are quite dense and many of them are the same denseness and thickness of regular sized brushes, or if they are a little smaller, they get the job done just as well, if not better, than full size brushes. For many of the brushes (most of the eye and lip ones), the main differences is the length of the brush handle. I have pictures on this page that compares the full size brushes to the ones in the kit. As you can tell the brush heads are still pretty dense and substantial for the eye and lip makeup brushes. The powder, blush, and flat top brushes from the kit looks the same size or a touch smaller than the full sized Whisper blush brush, but they are still pretty full. Though the brush heads of the powder and flat top are smaller than full size face brushes, they are dense, and they are some of my favorite brushes to apply foundation and blush when I wear them (the smaller head size makes it easier to apply foundation in the contours of my face, such as the corners of my nose, or under my eyes, for example). I love this kit so much, I often use it at home too as my regular brushes!

The bag is vegan too, and the size is perfect to put in a purse, traveling bag or suitcase; great for vacations, family trips, errands, or to bring with you when you go to work!

Here is a review that Sharon of all natural beauty websites wrote on one of the makeup brushes.

All of my vegan brushes are currently 20-30% off (until friday night)!


Transform your skin with Midnight Luna Elixir, which is made with nutrient rich cold pressed unrefined pumpkin seed oil!

During the winter time skin gets so dry and dehydrated. Last year I created Midnight Luna Elixir for the cooler months or for people who have dehydrated and dry skin year round. Midnight contains some of my favorite nutrient rich ingredients for the skin including cold pressed, unrefined pumpkin seed oil, amazing cranberry seed oil (which contains one of the highest concentrations of vitamin E. For pumpkin and cranberry click on the links to read their profiles), rare Abyssinian and rare baobab oils (which are both very light, antioxidant rich oils). It contains so many great carrier oils and herbs for super dry and dehydrated conditions like watermelon seed oil (which has been one of my stables for years!), elderberry (one of my favorite herbs for skin care and medicinal purposes), honeybush (which is not only a great tea but super hydrating in skin care), and kiwi seed oil (a boon for super parched conditions!). Many of the ingredients are also highly recommended for blemished skin and skin clarity including elderberry, neroli, petitgrain, cedar, ylang ylang, rose, and honeybush.

And the scent is heavenly–I made a simple neroli (orange blossom) based perfume for dry and dehydrated skin: sultry ylang ylang, floral neroli, deep cedar, fresh petitgrain, spicy cardamon.

I named this elixir Midnight because it contains pumpkin oil. I released this the same time I introduced Cinderella mask, which is made with pumpkin. To me pumpkins symbolize transformation, and this elixir definitely transforms the skin! I would say this is the sister elixir to Swan Luna Elixir since they share some of the same ingredients (most of the ingredients in the two elixirs are different but a few of them are the same, like pumpkin, cranberry, and neroli). So if your skin loves Swan or any of the ingredients I have used in this amazing elixir, I recommend giving Midnight a try!

Midnight Luna Elixir is also 20% off! Sale ends soon (night of black friday).


Calm your skin with vitamin rich, fragrance free Serenity Terra Elixir!

Serenity Terra Elixir doesn’t get plugged very much but it is one of my staples for the winter time. I crafted this one for the moms (pregnant and breastfeeding women who wanted to avoid certain ingredients and scents) and for people who are sensitive to fragrances (even natural ones), or who sometimes want to use a scent free product (every once in a while I will not use ANY essential oils, since I rotate ingredients, and I will use Serenity to give my skin a break from essential oils, and to also give it a super boost of antioxidants at the same time).

It has some of the best ingredients for skin care. First it contains kukui nut. This is one of the top three carrier oils I recommend the most, for any skin type. It is super light (the lightest one out there), but is still emollient (softens the skin). The Hawaiians traditionally used this oil for their sun parched skin to keep it soft and supple. Plus it is great for blemished skin.

I also added antioxidant rich certified organic camellia oil (from the green tea plant). This is also one of my top three recommended carrier oils. Camellia oil was traditionally used in Japan to keep their complexion flawlessly clear.

I formulated this with some emollient, nutrient rich oils such as sesame seed, hemp (extremely vitamin rich and one of my first choices for both oily and dry skin), almond (a favorite of herbalists but one of the most underrated ingredients in the skin care industry since it is considered a ‘basic’ oil. Though it is basic it is amazing for the skin), and other wonderful oils.

And to top it off I added certified organic pomegranate oil (one of the best natural sources for antioxidants in skin care for my opinion, and a must have for ‘anti-aging’ and parched skin). I also included oat co2, which is super soothing.

In other words, this is a wonderful oil when your skin needs a little more emollience and a bit of oomph. My sister likes to use Serenity in the winter time too.

Serenity Terra Elixir is 20% off too! Sale ends 11:59 pm EST on friday November 25, 2011. For more details of the sale please ready my blog post, here.

I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving holiday! May you all be safe and with loved ones this holiday season.

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