Snowmageddon: Snow pictures

We got hit with a lot of snow! I don’t think I’ve ever seen this much snow before; this is even worse than the storm we had in December (when we got over 16 inches of snow). We got over 26 inches of snow in Fairfax County, VA (it says 26 inches but I think it is a couple inches more than that)!

Posting some pictures below! I think orders from this week will probably ship out tuesday or maybe even wednesday depending on how much melts and how much snow we get next week.

This is a picture of my patio table and chairs covered in snow.

Snow on my patio

This is a picture of my backyard.
Snow in my backyard

And another photo of my backyard; my heater is 3/4 of the way covered with snow.

Backyard and snow on my heater

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