Happy Earth Day and Month!

Happy Earth Day and Month! I have been quiet in posting. I just posted a post on my personal blog on Earth Month and local eco events, but thought I would post a couple things here too!

I have been working to get Earth Alkemie to reopen. I still have quite a bit to do (it has been a very busy month personally, I have been focusing on my health, taking care of my dad, and I have been trying to work a little bit every day) but many things are coming along nicely. I have been working on inventory, restocking ingredients, revamping the product line, and reorganizing the business. I have also been working on redesigning the website and hope to have that up when I reopen. So far it is looking great! But I have many pictures to retake and have to work on redesigning my labels too. I am not sure yet of my reopening date but I am excited.

Just thought I’d post a couple quick eco natural cosmetics tips of the day:

Try to find ingredients or brands that use many natural, organic, ethically wild harvested or fair trade ingredients. For more information, read my blog entry (on my personal eco blog, Solarkat’s Eco Blog) that I wrote a few years ago on the benefits of natural cosmetics. I also wrote a couple eco living on what is natural and what is organic.

Try to buy only what you need or will use (overconsumption is one of the most devastating environmental issues). If you try a brand of cosmetics, I recommend to first try samples or small sizes before committing to full sizes.

Buy local when you can 🙂 By buying local this supports your local community and also can help reduce gas consumption.

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Li is a long time environmentalist and the owner of Earth Alkemie, an all natural skin care and mineral makeup company.