American Herbalists Guild’s Free Symposium Notes (Herbs, Natural Healing)

I am so excited! Although I can’t attend the American Herbalists Guild’s symposium this year (it is going on right now from Nov 7-10), they are offering the notes from the Symposium speakers for free! Last year I paid for the notes. So it is totally awesome they are offering them for free this year!

Many of the most respected herbalists are speaking this year. And their lectures look awesome; I am definitely considering buying the recordings again this year if funds allow. The reason I like the symposium lectures is that during the conference they tend to go over advanced topics and topics not always found in many books. So I learn so much from listening!

Some of the topics this year: chronic fatigue, aroma-herbalism (combining aromatherapy and herbalism), irritable bowel syndrome, lyme disease, mrsa, and much more!

So if you aren’t at the symposium and can’t get the recordings of the lectures (I think they said they would be recording them and making the recordings available later this year), then get the free notes! Some of the notes are very in depth and long (some are a few pages long, some are 10 pages or so, and one of them is over a hundred slides!). There are also a few case studies too.

I am not sure how long they will be up on the website, so I suggesting downloading the notes now! 🙂

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