Feb 10th evening: Newest shipping information.

We got about another 8 inches or a couple inches more (so on top of the 24-26? or more inches we already had, that is a lot of snow!).

The post office was closed today (see this article in the washington post ). I am glad that I didn’t print out labels for the packages (which need to be delivered on the date that is on the package. I am not sure what would happen if I tried to deliver it on a different date, I don’t know if they would accept it or not). I have no idea if the post office is going to be open tomorrow. Apparently, according to some people who posted comments in the washington post article, some people in my region haven’t had service in many days. (My local post office has been open on and off, so I was able to mail some packages, but after the incidences yesterday I won’t try driving through it again until the roads are clear, so I will only be shipping through pickups. So some post offices have been open, and some closed over the last few days, though all of them in Northern VA/D.C./some parts of MD were closed today).

I have tried to call 1 (800) ASK-USPS to see if my local post office will be open but all I got was an automated voice message, and when it directed to info about my post office, it said to call my post office 🙁 I’ve already asked when I was at the post office if pick up was guaranteed in this weather, and they told me that no it wasn’t. So I have no idea if they will be open or not.

Hopefully by friday they will pick up. Though I am not 100% sure, I don’t think they will pick up tomorrow (thursday) since it has been snowing all day and I heard on the news the roads are still really bad. In some places in this region, it was so bad they pulled the plow trucks off the road for a while (one major problem, aside from the icy roads, is that there is no place to put all the snow that fell, because of the previous snow).

I will get out the packages as soon as I can. I am very sorry for any delays; thank you for understanding!

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