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Earth Alkemie's facial cremes (Products)

What are facial cremes ?

How are Earth Alkemie's facial cremes eco-friendly? (Eco Notes)





What are facial cremes?

Earth Alkemie's Facial Cremes are pure, luxurious indulgence! Facial Cremes are waterless creams (balms) for the face. Like our Buttercremes, facial cremes do not contain water based ingredients and they are highly concentrated products. Earth Alkemie's Facial Cremes are made with a luxurious mix of oils or butters, and waxes.

They are highly rich in nutrients, and leave the skin super soft and luminous. They hold moisture to the skin and prevent dehydration, provide the skin with natural actives, and they contain natural antioxidants and other vitamins. They are preservative free.

Unlike other facial balms, Earth Alkemie's Facial Cremes are very light weight, sink rapidly into the skin, are made with minimal amounts of waxes (so they are not heavy and will not clog pores), and are rich in natural plant phytochemicals and vitamins (including antioxidants). Our facial cremes are formulated with exquisite oils and butters, including cold pressed, unrefined apricot seed and blueberry seed oils--which is rich in vitamin E. They are simply elegant! Best of all, they smell heavenly: they are a true aromatherapy experience!

Earth Alkemie's facial cremes contain no fillers, so contain high amounts of pure, natural actives. They are economical too: since they are waterless, they are concentrated, and only a very small amount is needed for great results.

For best results, apply to damp skin.

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How are Earth Alkemie's facial cremes eco-friendly? (Eco Notes)

Earth Alkemie's Nirvana Facial Creme is made with ethically wild harvested apricot kernel oil, and organic (non-certified, grown without pesticides) meadowfoam seed oil.

Champaca flowers from the species, Michelia champaca, are endangered in many parts of the world. Earth Alkemie uses floral wax made from a different, non-endangered species of champaca: Michelia alba. Michelia alba flowers for our champaca wax were also ethically (sustainably) harvested.

Our facial cremes are packaged in glass. Please reuse or recycle the glass after use. Many areas also recycle plastic caps (check with your local recycling programs).

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Earth Alkemie's facial cremes (Products)


Nirvana Facial Creme


Nirvana facial creme

Pictured: Nirvana facial creme xiao (small) size (on the left), and the grande (full) size (on the right)


Earth Alkemie's Nirvana Facial Creme smells simply divine. But what is truly divine is what Nirvana will do for your skin: Nirvana Facial Creme leaves the skin silky soft. Crafted for dehydrated skin in mind, this facial creme helps hold moisture to the skin. It leaves parched, rough skin looking dewy and hydrated. Made with many luxurious cold pressed oils and butters, including antioxidant rich blueberry seed oil, emollient meadowfoam seed oil, and creamy mango butter. Nirvana facial creme is super rich in natural plant antioxidants and vitamins, including vitamin E. Recommended to help improve the appearance of fine lines. Your skin will simply glow!

Lush jasmine and exotic tuberose mingles with champaca and a natural almond-like note to create a scent that will bring you to a state of Nirvana! Pure heaven! All natural.

Suggested skin types: dehydrated, dry, normal, and also combination. Nirvana is suitable for oily skin caused by dehydration.
Xiao (small) size is packaged in a clear glass jar, and is about 0.6 ounces. The grande (full) size is packaged in a blue glass jar and weighs approximately 1.6 ounces.

Nirvana is an ephemeral (limited edition) product.

Read our blog entry on the properties of Nirvana facial creme.



Xiao size (0.6 oz): $9.00.




Grande (1.6 oz): $23.00


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